Ladakh Adventure Sports

The Adventurous Land of Ladakh

Ladakhi mountains look astonishing. It is an ideal adventure and sports destination offering as many choices as Ladakh. The geographical diversity and seasonal variety of Ladakh is amazing. Here you can find mountain adventures, river rafting options, aero-sports and many other adventure activities.

Adventure Sports in Ladakh

Trekking is the most famous adventure activity here that lets you observe the lifestyle of the people living in the nearby villages. Ladakh is a great destination for trekking. With a number of treks, including the Last Shangrila, Lamayuru-Padum trek and Stok Kangri trek, Ladakh takes you down to villages where you can experience the monastic life style of the isolated villages.

Trekking in these areas lasts from few days to several weeks.

Skiing has always been a popular activity. It lets you glide over the snow, and requires a lot of skills and practice.

The high altitude mountains of Ladakh are ideal for aero-sports as well. One can enjoy a glide through the paradise and can ascend above the clouds. Paragliding is the most popular activity in Ladakh offering a bird's eye view of the lush and beautiful meadows and the ice covered peaks. Although it requires experience, novice souls can try it out under the supervision of guides or trainers. Those who do not wish to opt for so much thrill and risk, may go for Hot Air Ballooning to enjoy splendid views of the snow desert, valleys and peaks from the sky. The best time for aero-sports in Ladakh is May-June and September-October.

Mountain Climbing
The Pir Panjal range, Zanskar Range (encompassing the famous massif of Nun-Kun), Stok Kangri, Parcha Kangri, Gulap Kangri etc. are some popular peaks that attract thousands of tourists and adventure seekers every year for mountaineering.

River Rafting
Indus River and its major tributaries form the hot destination for river rafting. The white water stretch on the Indus between Spituk and Nimo or Saspol is a favourite rafting point for professional rafters. One can also go river rafting along the 26 km stretch from Fhey to Nimo in the Indus River.

Ladakh Jeep Safari
It offers a wonderful trip to the high altitudes and the mountains of Ladakh that seem to touch the skies in the horizon. Jeep Safari also offers a fascinating experience showcasing the great heights and snow deserts of Ladakh.

Ladakh Cycling
Cycling in Ladakh is a great activity that requires a lot of technicalities. One must be a very good biker to try out this sport in the narrow and steep areas of Ladakh.

Camel Safaris
Bactrian camels (double humped camels) remain major attraction in Ladakh. These camels provide tourists with long rides across the sand dunes around Hunder in Ladakh.

Besides, Polo and Archery are other popular sports in Ladakh. Almost every village of Ladakh has polo grounds. There is a National Archery stadium in Leh that hosts Archery contests in Ladakh.

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