Shopping in Himachal Pradesh

If you wish to do shopping in Himachal Pradesh, the first thing that comes to your mind are the beautiful shawls, sweaters and colorful caps. The state is tourists' favorite destination for buying woolens and handicrafts. Tourists coming to explore the attractions of Himachal Pradesh never go back without buying some wonderful souvenirs. The arts and crafts of Himachal Pradesh are truly admirable!

Pashmina, Himachal Pradesh

Woolen Crafts Of Himachal Pradesh
The most famous woolen item of Himachal Pradesh is the shawl which is available in different qualities. The best quality shawl is the Pashmina, known for its unmatched quality. Other woolen items available here are caps, saris, trousers, pyjamas, bedsheets, etc.

Paintings Of Himachal Pradesh
Expert in the art of painting, the artists here make magnificent paintings. 'Thankas' are the most praise worthy paintings of the state. Touching the various Buddhist themes, the paintings are very famous among tourists.

Kangra style of painting make beautiful handicrafts of the state. The themes of these paintings are inspired from women.

Carpets And Rugs Of Himachal Pradesh
Carpets and rugs of Himachal Pradesh speak volumes about the rich culture of the state. They come in a variety of colors and designs. Based on various themes such as flowering trees, flutes, lotus flowers, etc. the carpets and rugs are a must-buy shopping items of Himachal Pradesh.

Wood Carvings Of Himachal Pradesh
The craftsmen of Himachal Pradesh have long perfected the art of wood carvings. Reflecting the age-old traditions, some of the wood crafts available in the markets of Himachal Pradesh are cradles, bedsteads, low settees, boxes and ladles.

Embroidered handicrafts Of Himachal Pradesh
The colorful embroidered shawls, kurtas, caps, hankies, coverlets, bedsheets, hand fans etc are the main handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh. The bustling markets of the state are well stocked with beautiful handicrafts.

Stone Crafts Of Himachal Pradesh
The graceful sculptures carved out of fine sandstone showcase a different side of? creativity of the craftsmen of Himachal Pradesh.

Metal Craft Of Himachal Pradesh
Tourists can buy a variety of metal crafts from Himachal Pradesh such as low settees, bells, incense burners, lamps, jars, flasks, canopies etc.

Jewelery Of Himachal Pradesh
Classy in look and high on quality, jewelery in Himachal Pradesh is available in a variety of forms. From silver jewelery to precious stone-studded jewelery, all are available here.

Shopping in Himachal Pradesh will surely give you a high!

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