Art and Handicrafts

"Art strives to express; craft strives for excellence. Good art has good craft, good craft is artistic. Within every craft there exists artists. Within every artist there is craft." ?Ralph Reichenbach & Doug Madill

Art and Handicrafts, Himachal Pradesh

The creative craftsmen of Himachal Pradesh bring to you a range of beautiful handicrafts. Adding to the brilliant cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh, the handicrafts of the state are celebrated in India and abroad for their delicacy and beauty. From stone and metal statues to dolls, pottery, paintings, rugs, carpets, shawls and jewellery, Himachal Pradesh has everything for you.

Woollen Craft
Wool is considered sacred by the locals of Himachal Pradesh, thus, wool weaving is a popular activity here since ages. The state is known for its fine-quality shawls and caps. Pashmina is the most famous type of shawl known due to its finest quality. Carpets and blankets in several designs and colours are also available here.

Metal Craft
The best place to explore metal art of Himachal Pradesh is its temples where metal idols of the gods and goddesses look captivating. Metal is also used to make temple doors apart from bells, incense burners, lamps, jars, flasks, tridents and canopies. Several household items made of metal are also available here. Scan the towns of Bilaspur, Chamba, Kupa, Rekong Peo, Rohru, Sarahan and Jogindernagar, famous for metal craft.

Stone Craft
Stone carving is also an integral tradition in the state. The stone temples are the best examples of the art of stone craft. Delicately carved idols inside the temples leave the onlookers amazed. Several household items like traditional stove, circular pots, mill stones etc, are also carved out of stone. Places such as Mandi, Chamba, Kinnaur and Shimla are known for stone craft.

Wood Craft
The craftsmen of Himachal Pradesh are veteran in crafting beautiful wooden objects such as doors, windows, panels, benches, beds, cradles, bedsteads, low settees, boxes, ladles, churners, utensils, jewellery, images, baskets, etc.

Influenced by various themes like love, the legends of Krishna and Radha and hunting scenes, the paintings of Himachal Pradesh act as important part of its handicrafts.

Leather Crafts
The plain and embroidered footwear called Chamba chappals are famous in Himachal Pradesh. This colourful embroidered footwear looks very attractive. They are available in various designs and colours. Other leather crafts such as shoes, belts are also available in the state.

Beautiful silver and gold jewellery of Himachal Pradesh fascinate many a tourist. Coin necklaces are quite popular with tourists. But the jewellery famous during the times of Raja-Maharaja can only be seen in the museums of the state. The Kangra Art Museum in Dharamshala and the State Museum in Shimla are the best places to see the antique jewellery of Himachal Pradesh.

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