Uttranchal Art and Handicrafts

Using simple tools and by putting in a great deal of hard work and creativity, the skilled craftsmen of Uttaranchal fashion amazing handicrafts. Wonderful dance and music performances, the fabulous art form, is intricately woven into the lives of the people of Uttaranchal. A diverse array of arts and handicrafts beautifully show how rich and glorious the culture of Uttaranchal is. Tourists coming from far and wide take back with them a variety of handicrafts from Uttaranchal.

Wall Painting

The Arts Of Uttaranchal

Dance And Music
The dance and music forms of Uttaranchal are the jewels of the performing arts of the state. Uttaranchal is a land inhabited by various tribes, each having its own dance form. The most famous dance forms in Uttaranchal are the Bhotiya Dance and the Langvir Dance.

Wall Painting
Wall Painting is more of a tradition than an art in Uttaranchal. The kitchens and the sacred places in the houses are decorated with different kinds of paintings, making the homes colorful and pleasant.

The famous crafts of Uttaranchal are:

Wood Craft
The art of wood carving have been a tradition in Uttaranchal since ages. A wide variety of wooden objects are crafted by the craftsmen but the most famous wood craft include wooden front doors, which are exquisitely carved with floral and animal designs. The carved doors of the houses in the state reflect the social status of the inhabitants.

Another artistic facet of the culture of Uttaranchal is the beautiful paintings, which deserve mention. The state, especially the Garhwal region is famous for the Mughal style of paintings. The other type of painting famous here is the Pitha. Take back home some of these classy paintings to decorate your home.

Metals such as gold, silver, copper and brass are beautifully transformed into wonderful jewelery by the goldsmiths who have long perfected this art. The traditional ornaments with simple and classy designs leave the tourists with a deep desire to buy them.

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