Kapilvastu Tour

The Birth Place Of Lord Buddha
Kapilavastu is an important Buddhist pilgrimage which attracts tourists from across the globe. Once the capital city of the Sakya clan, Kapilavastu is the birth place of? Prince Siddhartha (Gautam Buddha) where he spent his childhood. He was born to king Shuddhodhana and lived an insulated life of luxury unaware of the sufferings of life. However, one day he secretly went out to see the outside world. This proved to be the turning point in his life when he saw the sorrow of a beggar, sadness of an old man, sufferings of a sick man, and a dead body. All this disturbed him immensely and made him decide to renounce all the worldly pleasures and embark on a journey in search of the truth and enlightenment.


Holding great historic importance, Kapilvastu is a wonderful archaeological location, which attracts many a visitor. On your tour to Kapilavastu don't miss the opportunity to visit the place where the palace of Gautam Buddha stood at some point of time. Although the palace is now in ruins, it still has some unique charm of its own. This place also has several Stupas which were built by the emperor Ashoka and the Gupta kings.

Kapilavastu is the best place for the visitors who want to learn something from the life of the Buddha.

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