Rajasthan Food and Cuisine

The cuisine of Rajasthan is as rich and classy as the destination itself. Almost all the travellers coming to Rajasthan from across the world are curious to taste its mouth-watering culinary delights. In terms of cuisine, Rajasthan has a lot to offer to the travellers. The love for food of the Rajasthani people reflects in the wide variety of dishes available here. Cuisine was always a serious business in this land of Rajputs. The erstwhile Raja-Maharajas were very found of food and made sure that the royal kitchens had the best of cooks. Most of the dishes prepared in Rajasthan can be used for several days. For centuries the people of Rajasthan have been using camel milk and lassi (butter milk) in several dishes. The meals are usually accompanied with spicy chutneys made of coriander, garlic, chilli, onion, mint and turmeric. The liberal use of dairy products, millets, gram flour, fruits and vegetables in Rajasthani?food?make it not only delicious but nutritious as well. The use of desi ghee (clarified butter) in the dishes adds a different flavour to them.

Rajasthani Food and Cuisine

Different regions of Rajasthan have some special dishes to offer to the tourists. Jodhpur is famous for Kachori and Ladoos, Alwar for Mawa, Pushkar for Malpuas, Bikaner for Rasgullas, Jaipur for Ghevar . Other popular Rajasthani dishes?are Balusahi, Besan-Chakki, Chaavadi, Dhungari Hui Chaach, Laapasi and Gevar. Dal Bati Choorma is the most famous dish of Rajasthan, and is known all over the country. Daal is a lentil based curry; bati is a round ball of baked bread filled with ghee, and choorma is a sweet dish made with bread mashed with jaggery and ghee. Lapsi, prepared with broken wheat (dalia) browned in a pan containing a small quantity of ghee and then sweetened with sugar or jaggery is a special sweet dish of Rajasthanis.

While on a tour to Rajasthan you can gorge on both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, which are prepared in amazing style. Lal Maans (red meat) and Safed Maans are the two famous non-vegetarian dishes served here. The former is prepared by using?several spices and chilies whereas the latter is flavored with almonds, cashew nuts and coconut.

A visit to the fascinating land of Rajasthan gives you an opportunity to treat your taste buds to one of the most delectable cuisines of the world, Rajasthani cuisine.

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